About us

The company Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden is active in the coastal trade as well as in container shipping. An experienced team of managers with a nautical background, engineers, technicians and commercial managers will ensure a smooth and safe operation of the vessels.

We regularly initiate new projects by acquisition of second hand tonnage or newbuildings. By our long-term relations to banks and investors we can facilitate a stable financing.

Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden is part of the Navalis Group of Companies


The shipowning interests of the family tom Wörden reach back to 1911, when Wilhelm tom Wörden sold his local shipyard and sailed with its last built ship to become a shipowner. Ever since, shipowning has been the main occupation of the family tom Wörden.

The chartering outfit Navalis Shipping was founded in 1995 to support and develop the shipowning activities. Since then, all ships of the shipping group of the family tom Wörden are employed by Navalis Shipping either in TC or for container ships on commission basis.

A customer network was built with all major forest industry companies in Northern Europe. Apart from wood products (logs, pulp, paper), we also transport grain, fertilizer, split and other bulk cargoes. The own fleet is constantly modernised and expanded through purchases and newbuildings.

Also in container shipping, we have been active since founding Navalis Shipping. The container fleet is as well as the Baltic fleet steadily modernised and expanded according to market needs. Several newbuilding projects were contracted in Europe and the Far East. Nowadays, the container ships are employed with renowned charterers worldwide.



Together with Manx

Well connected...

Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden is working closely together with Manx Ocean Crewing, the crew management company of the Navalis Group.The collaboration with Manx Ocean, from where we can rely on a pool of highly qualified and motivated seafarers, enables us to react to and accommodate customer wishes in all aspects surrounding the employment of the vessels.

Manx Ocean has a pool of experienced seafarerers, which know the ships and tasks well due to their long history with us.