Ship Operations

Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden ensures a smooth and cost-efficient ship operation, no matter where a ship is trading. The combined experience of our technical, operational and commercial teams is the driver for a quick solution which safeguards the interest of the shipowner. Also, our technical management has access to competitive prices via a large purchasing platform, which includes many major German shipowning companies.



Our company has a long tradition of contracting newbuilding projects at shipyards in Europe and the Far East. Nearly 30 newbuildings have been initiated by us over the last 40 years.

Our newbuilding activities aim at the construction of vessels that comply with the newest technology in ship design and ship modelling and which have the capacity to successfully trade in the next decades. An experienced building supervision team located at the shipyard will ensure that we receive a ship of the highest quality standard.

Our present newbuilding program comprises a series of four 7,350dwt multi-purpose vessels designed for the forest product trade and for the special challenges in the Baltic Sea.

During the design development a major focus was set on the efficiency and environmental performance, so we could reduce the fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions on a minimum level compared to vessels of same type and size and surpass upcoming EEDI regulations already today.

The newbuilding projects will meet the latest technical equipment, be fitted with SCR systems (selective cathalytic reaction) for NOx reduction and prepared for shore power usage.

Environment and certificates

The requirements of flag states and port states as well as the demands from customers for the highest environmental standards are constantly increasing. Therefore, Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden is consistently engaged in an improved environmental performance of our fleet. Navalis Shipping is certified according to ISO 9001 (Quality management) and Schiffahrtskontor tom Wörden is certified according to ISO 14001 (Environmental management).

The high requirements for efficiency are already taken into account when designing a new vessel. Also in day-to-day operations an environmentally friendly transport by reducing fuel consumption and exhaust gas emissions is ensured by regular benchmarking, optimizing and modernization of our fleet. Optimizations are being implemented by means of e.g. fuel-saving propeller nozzle duct installations, heat recovery installations, use of LED lamps and underwater paint reducing friction.